[*Results] TSPSC Group 2 Cutoff marks 2016 Expected Group 2 Results 2016

By | January 10, 2017

[*Cutoff] TSPSC Group 2 Cutoff marks 2016 Expected Group 2 Results 2016:

TSPSC Group 2 Results & Cutoff marks 2016: Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) has been the youngest and naive Public Service Commission in India. Even though it is nascent towards the recruitments, it has released many recruitment posts through the official site and became the platform for the job seekers in the state of Telangana. Under the Chairmanship of Ganta Chakrapani, TSPSC has released the notifications for TSPSC Group 2 exam . Group 2 is meant for the filling of several posts in the state which are of second grade. So naturally there was huge competition with almost 8 Lakh candidates applying for it. After the completion of Group 2 exam in the month of November 2016, candidates are waiting for the TSPSC Group 2 Results 2016  along with TSPSC Group 2 Cutoff marks 2016. Here is the information on different aspects like cutoff marks, statistics, pattern, Results date etc. Check them out and help your friends even on this particular issue.

Update on Official Answer key (11th Jan 2017): Official answer key has been released and there are 17 key mistakes according to few guys..


update on 13th Dec 2016: On request of candidates, we are updating this. Cutoff marks for BC-C would be 420+- 5 marks for both the regions..

update on 16th Jan 2017: Due to some final key mistakes and other issues, cut off marks may be reduced by 15-25 marks from the above tables….please take it in to concern. However they are subjected to TSPSC only..

Telangana TSPSC Group 2 Statistics 2016:

As per the records stated by both the Media and TSPSC, we have collected the data regarding the attendance and ratio of candidates to number of posts available in the state. A total  number of 7 Lakh 89 thousand candidates have applied for the exam. Only 63% attendance has been found on the day of exam. Totally exam has been carried out on 11th & 13th November 2016.

Total Number of Applicants for TSPSC Group 2 : 7,89,435

Exam centers Allocated in 10 Districts: 1916

Total Number of candidates present on 11th Nov 2016( Paper 1 & Paper 2): 5,17,819

Total Number of Candidates present on 13th Nov 2016(Paper 3 & Paper 4):4,98,944

Ratio of No. of posts to No. of Competors: 1: 484

TSPSC Group 2 Cutoff marks 2016 Expected Cutoff marks:

[Also Check : TSPSC Group 2 Results 2016>>>>]

Soon after the completion of TSPSC Group 2 exam, candidates have download the answer key of TSPSC Group 2 . For the papers 1, 2 3, 4  some of the coaching institutes and Telugu news papers have provided the provisional answer key. Here we have provided one of the answer keys to the provided question papers. So after evaluating the exam paper with the answer key, a total score for 800 marks has been rounded. So this score has to be compared with the following cut off marks. If a candidate scored more than 450 marks from all papers together, then he/ she is out of danger. How ever the cut off marks expected for the regions 5 and 6 have been provided over here with some expectations.

updated cutoff….

Note: These marks might be reduced by 15- 25 marks due to final key

Zone 5: Kareemnagar, Khammam, Warangal & Adilabad  (Cutoff marks)

Category Zone 5 (Open) Zone 5 (Female)
General 450 444
BC-A 445 435
BC-B 447 438
BC-D 434 420
BC-E 435 419
SC 433 416
ST 420 395

Zone 6: Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy, Mahaboobnagar, Nizamabad, Nalgonda, Medak (cutoff marks)

Category Zone 6 (Open) Zone 6 (Female)
General 452 435
BC-A 440 422
BC-B 445 420
BC-D 435 400
BC-E 433 375
SC 433 385
ST 419 365

Note: These marks are not compulsary. Expectation of several experts has been provided here. Do not force these marks on any one. Some of them might represent our expecred cut off with their names..

www.tspsc.gov.in TSPSC Group 2 Results 2016:

TSPSC Group 2 Results are going to be out at any time in the official site. The official site of TSPSC is www.tspsc.gov.in . For the evaluation of 4 papers, it takes some time. We are expecting the TSPSC Group 2 Results 2016 to be released by last week of January 2017. So wait untill the official notification arrives. All the marks in 4 papers will be released along with the overall total score. Enter the TSPSC registration number and password to get the results.

11th & 13th Nov 2016 TSPSC Group 2 Answer key 2016:

We have provided the way to get the answer key in pdf format along with the question paper. Exam has been conducted on 11th & 13th November 2016 with the paper codes as AB, BC, CD, DA. So download the answer key to know what the right answers are. This can be used to get the analysis on result. We have also provided the cut off marks so that you can compare them.

TSPSC Group 2 Paper 1& 2 Answer key 2016

TSPSC Group 2 Paper 3 & 4 Answer key 2016

Inference on TSPSC Group 2 Cutoff marks 2016:

Name of Authority: TSPSC

Name of Exam: Group 2

Date of Exam: 11th & 13th Nov 2016

Category: Expected cutoff marks (TSPSC Group 2 Cutoff marks 2016)

Results date: soon

Official site: www.tspsc.gov.in

Click here to get the Results and keys of TSPSC Group 2

211 thoughts on “[*Results] TSPSC Group 2 Cutoff marks 2016 Expected Group 2 Results 2016

  1. suresh

    I am preparing for last one year and last 2 months i spent 8 hours daily and i got 374 marks many people said 440 above marks i think its very tough

      1. M Sreenivas

        Many people are giving fake marks.Highest would be 450 or less than 450.it is true.

  2. Praneeth

    Good expected cut offs ……in case of variation ..it would be a five mraks (5M)ABOVE OR BELOW THATS ALL ……THANK YOU JOBSPOT

  3. V.Deepak

    Sir what about bc-c zone v cutoff….u didn’t post cutoff regarding bc-c

  4. vidyah

    honestly .. I can say preparation of 2 months is sufficient to score 400 +, Mr. Suresh !
    I have scored 414 marks from Zone 6 n I took 60 to 65 days for the preparation !

    1. jpoint Post author

      Good Approximation. We will intimate you upon regular updates..

  5. Rishu

    How can you say 60 days are enough ? .. Could you please let us know your secret of getting high score ? i spent 45 days and scored 404. @ vidyaah
    Reply must

    Hope for the best…..All

  6. koteswararao gangula

    hai friends i got 435 marks 5th zone bc-d any chance to get interview call

  7. Rishu

    Sir, good mrng! Do you know, how many candidates appeared for the exam ? I mean sc, st, bc, obviously OC 😊. @ admin jobstpoint

  8. ravinder

    yes this cut off marks are reliable . preparation about 60 days enough to get above 400 marks for these papers . i hope this would be the not expected cut off , this is would be real cutoff. thankyou for this information.

    1. Raj

      Hi Mr. Ravinder how can u say that with out preparation we get around 340 to 360. Then all tspsc aspirants get this score it’s only on expected cuttoff not original and finally without preparation we can’ t get 400 and above score.

  9. ravinder

    without preparation we can get about 340 to 360 . why so many candidates felt this paper is tough i am not agree with their opinion. any how this is my personal opinion only.

  10. durga

    hi every one this is durga , i got 444 marks (Oc) , how mach expected marks cutoff marks…………

  11. sandy

    would there be any different cutoff for prohibition & excise department?? since age limit (18-28)…rply me

  12. santhu

    In Ur merit list 5th zone lo bc d 432 and sc 433, sc kante bc d cutoff thakkuva ani ela chepthunnaru, idi possible kadu

  13. V.Deepak

    Hello Mark….no one yet…i will let u know if any one comes to my notice…by the way ur from which zone and how many marks did u get….?


    Sir, I got 452 marks as per TSPSC released Key. Can I get call for interview sir.

  15. Vijay

    Wonderful !!On the dot analysis.

    Thanks a lot for helping people around. I got 410 and was in two minds about interview. Now at least I can concentrate on upcoming exams

  16. Venu gopal sunnam

    Sir I got 402 ,bc-d ,zone6.is there any chance to get interview call??

  17. Rishu

    Could you plzz post the details of how many candidates (ST)from zone 6 appeared for paper 4?? @admin

    TSPSC did not mention anywhere about cut offs. Everybody can prepare for the interview.

    All the best. Good luck

    God bless

    1. jpoint Post author

      TSPSC did not mention any official marks…these are just expectations..

  18. K. W. Mark

    Deepak lets hope will get interview… cutt off may be <30-40 marks compare with other BCs ( see previous exams ) experience. are u went any coaching center?

  19. durga

    this is durga , i got 444 marks ,oc caste zone 6, any chance to me for interview

  20. suryaprakash

    I am getting 456 marks after TSPSC preliminary key.May get 5-6 marks more.I belong to OC 5th Zone.Is there any chance for interview?Please do reply.

    1. jpoint Post author

      Donot worry about official answer key.. everyone is waiting for the result, as answer key prepared tentatively by coaching institutes will be approximate.

  21. Pradeep

    I got these marks after answer key check
    Paper 1: 105
    Paper 2: 113
    Paper 3: 116
    Paper 4: 130
    Total: 464
    Comment your paper wise marks too. I wnat fast replyy.. pls guys

    1. g.ramakrishna

      Hi, you belongs to which zone and the score in paper 2 is very good.

  22. Vinay

    Just called tspsc. They said the final key with list of candidates for interview will be put up in another 15days. Hope it will be after Pongal holidays

    1. jpoint Post author

      Thank u vinay for the information. Provide TSPSC Number here for our guys

  23. hari

    hello Jpoint,

    I’m getting 414 marks according to tspsc key.. i belong to ST category, 5th zone.. what are my chances..?

    1. jpoint Post author

      If the answer key analysis + or – 5 marks are added, then you might be on safe side.

    1. jpoint Post author

      According to analysis, there is narrow way. Let us wait for the final list…All the best

  24. ram

    I am from 6th zone BC-D i got 442 marks ..may be 5 marks add after Finel key is there any chance to me for the next level ..

  25. Nishant

    Dear Jpoint,
    I am getting 390 plus ” SC from 5th Zone”. Is there any chance?

  26. rajitha

    Hi sir…I got 368 marks as per tspsc key…I belong to bc-d woman 5th zone..do I have any chance to get interview call.?

  27. Nishant

    [email protected],
    I am getting 390 plus “SC from 5th Zone”.. Is there any chance?

  28. srinivasa

    Hi , what would be the impact on recent Group2 , if zonal system cancelled as per recent news zonal system will be cancelled.

    1. jpoint Post author

      Looking on the issue now, this is why all the updates are kept on held from TSPSC regarding zonal system.

  29. ravitota

    hello admin i got 432 bc d 5th zone is der any chance for interview call?

  30. Bharath

    Sir I belongs to 5th zone st category ,I am getting 400marks any chance to interview call please tell me ………..


  31. V.Deepak

    Im from khammam mark….any one u know in bc-c getting more than 400 in zone-v

  32. G Aravind

    I prepared for 2 days and scored 346, I am an EXserviceman where 2 seats are reserved from ASO,i have a commerce degree as required for the reserved post, do I have any chance?

  33. navnath

    Hiiii…guys..i have got 502 marks, i have to know if there is any posibility to get service in this notification, if i will get means wich is near by me.. as according notification.. please give me replay to this…

    1. Raju Nayak

      Brother ni tspsc reg id no post chey okasari final list release ayaka undo ledo chustanu..502 marks vachayi ani cheptnv..service vstada rada ani adgutunv..just go to near bus stop and consult a mental dr. it would be better to you..

        1. Raju Nayak

          arey navanath 17 qstns dlte chesaru ra 600 qstns lalo..bochu ga..dongana kodka..ur a culprit..

  34. Vinay

    502 vachhaka kuda service vasthada leda ani adigav ante group2 kadu asalu life lo ee job kuda chese layak ee kadu nuvvu.. neeku nizamga anni mark lu vasthe hall ticket number pettu .. result tharvatha KCR tho neeku palabhishekam chepistham assembly lo..

    hall ticket number kakunda nuvvu em post chesina nuvvu fake gadi kindha lekke.. Vakay

  35. v

    score after the final key release on jan 10
    P1: 95 / 144
    P2: 101 / 145
    P3: 120 / 147
    P4: 95 / 147
    Total: 411 OC

    1. B.Rajashekar

      Analysis of after final key ..
      getting 420 is enough for interview call

  36. G.Ramakrishna

    Hello sir, As per the tspsc final key, I got 418 marks belongs to bc d,5 th zone , can i expect interview call ? And anybody can share his/her views.thankyou.

      1. g.ramskrishna

        Mr.Navanath , What is your intention? Is to create panic among genuine candidates who worked hard and preparing further.and if you are genuine ,why don’t you have self confidence. It seems you are fake.don’t try to play games.this is a matter of life and death to so many in employed youth.

  37. venkatreddy

    After final key everyone marks are reduced i think atleast 5 mine is 7 marks are reduced


    after final key my marks are 406 and in final key i observed some of the keys are wrong …………

  39. Vinay

    bhayya ee navnath gurinchi matladi evaru time waste cheyyakandi.. vadu genuine ayithe eepatiki hall ticket number post chesevadu.

    inka cut off sangathi.. 63-65% open cut off anthe idhi final final final anthe… 450 440 lu online forums lo ne kanipisthunnai.. bayata ekkada levu.. 60% paina vachhi na vallu interview ki prepare avvandi

  40. sandeep

    sir iam getting 459 marks ( final key ) SC reservation
    5th zone
    any chances to interview call

  41. Sai

    I am getting 356/583. Sc category(male). 5th zone. Is there any possibility for interview?

  42. Palagiri

    I am from other State open Category. How much may be the cutoff marks for other state people. I got 394 in total. Cuttoff is 4 each paper or overall score???Plz ans

  43. santhosh

    dontwry brothers…after final key huge drop on in cutoff of group 2…
    425 is cut off for the interview…..be cool…
    all the best to all

  44. Raju raj

    Friends can any one compare the level of competition between group 2 and recent exams by tspsc like AE’s etc

  45. Sai

    When will be the result out? Somebody says the result will be in March ? Is it true?

  46. keerthi

    hi all,
    i got 364 /583……. bc d women zone 6
    is there any chance for me for interview

  47. T.swapna

    Hello frnds.My final key marks 442/583.l am from 6zone.BC _B,women. I have any chance for interview please comment.

  48. Gopal

    Friends I think after the final key scores are stalled to way below the ground and people who were boasting like hell regarding their scores suddenly shut their mouth…one of my superior officer (Tahsildar) told me after analysing the papers n key that the final cutoff for oc candidates in zone 6 would be 400 to 410…
    So let’s hope that the cutoffs would be as per the benefit of the candidates who really struggled for the exam!!
    All the best!

  49. v

    as Per final key cut off may be:

    Open : 400 to 410
    BC-A 380 to 390
    BC-B 390 400
    BC-C 370 to 380
    BC-D 390 to 400

    1. vikas

      you are right because in any competitive examination even in upsc prelims even if there is no negative marking the prelims cutoff will not be more than 56% to 58 % for general candidates according to me the cutoff will likely to be as follows
      OPEN- 53 to 55%
      BC A- 50 to 52%
      BC B- 52 to 54%
      BC C- 49 to 51%
      BC D- 52 to 54%

  50. Balu

    Hi everyone,

    Just now called tspsc they said results will be within 15 days only.so, we can expect by month end of jan’17.

    I wish you all the best .

    1. navanath

      490/583 are my genuine marks bro…..its not my opinion to create pain to any one.. Ofter results i will show my hall ticket no. surely..there is no use with hall ticket no. now .why no one is not believing to this marks…

      1. rams

        Mr. Navnath, just post ur hall ticket now if u r a genuine persons.
        After result u will pick one hall ticket number from result published by tspsc and post it here..

        please don’t post anything here if u r not ready to post hallticket num.

      2. prakash

        Bro which zone?I believe in you.Prepare well for interview so that you can get top post

      3. prakash

        Bro I believe in you.You are from which zone?Prepare well for the interview to bag top post of your choice.

  51. Sai

    What is the cutoff for S.C category. V zone.
    Is it possible in between 350-380 marks?

  52. Sandeep

    Results will be in February and march.valuation started after the final key.It will take around two months for two rounds of valuation.

    Cut off would be around 430-440 for oc.

    500 is almost impossible.

    Anyone who is expecting around 400 prepare for the interview

    1. viv

      Seriously if the cutoff for OC’s is around 440 … u r saying that BC’s, SC and ST cutoff will be around 400, Gap of 40 marks?? and u r again making a statement to go for interview preparation anyone(OCs, BCs, SCs and STs) got around 400??
      Regarding Result:
      i don’t know when will they announce the results. But, they might have started scanning our OMR’s long back .. its all computerised they will have all the details in Database including each and every question we attempted with answers. So, they will write a programme to delete those 17 Q’s and produce the results. These kind of problems have got many times and they might have taken congnisance of it. But, if TSPSC scans our OMR’s after final key and there is no such computerised preparation.. that’s disappointing.

      1. sri

        hey dont worry…..
        cutoff will be <400 for OC..

        scanning completed in november only..yesterday they told result in 15 days..today they said by feb 15…..b ut i think result will come by this month end..they also said Group 1 notification by march……….

  53. saikiran

    iam also v zone sc.candidate.sai
    in ur circle how many sc guys get good marks.i got 410.

    1. Sai

      Hi..saikiran,you got very good score.your name will be appear in open list.all the best for ur interview.

  54. Bantu

    In 5th zone SC General expected cutoff would be around 370-380 only according to final key trends.

    1. Naveen

      What might be the cutoff for OC general? Chala different conclusions vastunnayi, prof.jayashankar coaching center vallu 410 antunnaru…tv1 interview lo sociology coaching iche sir 430 undochu cutoff antunnaru…kondaru govt employees 390 varaku ravochu antunnaru…. chala confusionga undi…badhaga kuda undi…

      1. G.Ramakrishna

        Don’t loose your confidence.be positive.you will win the race

  55. ramakrishna

    It is observed that many people counting their marks with the ticking s in question paper or their guessing answer that they put in answer sheet.this not correct.my suggestion is verify, copy of OMR sheet with tspsc final key.then only exact figure come out.

    1. sri

      same here… bc d zone 5 403 marks……………..

      yes I wrote upsc mains multiple times………..I strongly believe cutoff for general will be < 400

      all the best 🙂

  56. G.Ramakrishna

    Group 2 results come out on or before February 15″2017 , aspirants prepare well.wish you best of luck.

  57. G.Ramakrishna

    Group 2 results might come out on or before February 15′ th 2017.aspirants prepare well. Wish you best of luck.

    1. Vivekanada

      As per my knowledge, one person has got 468 from 5th Zone SC category.. may b this is the highest..

  58. saikiran

    hi.sai.which district ur.my opinion is total sc candiates were focus on department.so cut off comes down drastically.so u have also chance

  59. sudha

    I got 392/583 final key….5th zone bc-b female…can i expect interview call?….plz share ur opinions

  60. Naveen

    I guess cutoff will be around 420 for general.. i came to this conclusion because where ever i meet my friends and their friends they are saying they r getting around 420-430 (lot of candidates) even in many blogs people are saying same marks i.e around 430. My analysis is out of 1032 posts general posts are around 150. So they are going to call 300 top marks securing people for interview.. in my opinion easily 300 guys might got more than 420. So for general category its tough to get interview call who got less than 420. Its purely my analysis… nannu tittukokakandi…im also general category and got 391…im in deep pressure and lost hopes…

    1. vinay

      Don’t loose hope naveen, andharu cheppina marklu eh kadha avi vachhinavi kadhu kada..
      Prathi vallu oka strategy tho vunnaru.. paper easy vahhindi.. cut off 450 plus vuntadi, naku 420 vachhinayi.. ayina interview list lo peru ledhu.. cut off 450 kabatti raledu.. paper tough ga vunte competition thakkuva ayyedi ani bayta izzat kapadu kovadaniki vahhina thippalu ivi.

      391 ante 65% of 583. 65% vachhi PSC lo job raani candidate India PSC history lo ne ledu.. cheer up and prepare for interview

      1. Naveen

        Thanx a lot for ur soothing and moral boosting words vinay….i wl be more than happy if i get interview call for 391 marks in general category… if that happens i wl meet you with sweet box at tspsc…..
        But my guess is that there may be easily 300 candidates who are getting more than 391 marks…if so i am out….ur saying about percentages..that may be right..iam not denying that…but here is the case that its new psc new state with lot of aspirations from candidates…so more candidates prepared well than in normal case… ok any way hope for best … maximum 20 days to go…

  61. Shiri

    Sir I am shiri I belongs to sc and 6th zone
    I am getting 327 marks . Can I expect call

    1. vid

      Optimistically, i would say ‘u’ gonna have to be trying hard and await the opportunity to clinch with ur arms, to sit in the seat of the future !!!

    2. straightshooter

      Optimistically, i would say ‘u’ gonna have to be trying hard and await the opportunity to clinch with ur arms, to sit in the seat of the future !!!

  62. Naveen

    Yes sri… 420+/583 … its my guess sir.. yes u can check group 2 notification annexure for castewise and zone wise posts… including both open competetion post are not more than 150.. so as per 1:2 ratio 300 people will be called for interview…
    Plzz correct me if i am wrong…

  63. ram

    Yes naveen what u said thats right .. even i got 434 marks BC-D 6th Zone .. I am also full of tentions whether i will get call ? ..

  64. Raji

    Hello vinay garu,

    Interview lo marks ela vestaru?
    Min and max emaina untada?
    Fail chese chances kuda untunda?

    Pls tell me.thanks in advance.

    1. vinay


      As per guidelines each candidate in interview will get minimum marks (not sure how many of 75) for appearing interview, that is you cannot get zero marks if you attend interview. They will look at your confidence levels,clarity of though etc…

      Any thing above that minimum score will depend on how well you answer their questions.

    2. G.Ramakrishna

      If you attend interview, by default you will get 25 marks.and for the remaining marks you will be interviewed. Maximum marks would be 65_70.

  65. ram

    I heared tspsc final key 6 questions wrong answers. Some candidates go to case in high court. if its right news pl. update

    1. Naveen

      I dont know about that but in 3rd paper economy many answers are not convincing…

  66. Naveen

    Already ee blog lone 25 members ayyaru more than 391 marks after final key…
    1.navanath-490 (blog topper) 2. Ramprasad- 460
    3.sandeep-459 4. Sai rikshith – 455 5.T swapna – 442
    6.ram – 434 7.Naguru -427 8.Ashok -426 9.Suresh-426
    10.Raju – 426 11.kalva – 425 12. A.Ganesh- 421
    13. G.ramakrishna -418 14.V-411 15.Sai kiran – 410 16.Ravi nayak -410 17.Venkat reddy -404 18.sri- 403
    19.suresh -403 20.swapna -402 21. Abhi -399
    22.Laxmi indira – 399 23.Palagiri -394
    24.vivekananda -392 25.sudha -392.

    1. vinay

      Above 400 cheppina vallu andharu hallticket numbers kuda post chesi vunte namme vallam..
      Vallu hall ticket number cheppaledu kabatti we cannot trust their scores.

      Nenu , nuvvu kuda vere name tho 490 enti 550 ani kuda post cheyochhu.. appudu count 26,27 ala peruguddhi..

    2. vinay

      paina 400 + marks cheppina vallu valla hallticket numbers kuda post chesi vunte namme vallam aa scores ni..
      vallu hall ticket numbers post cheyyaledhu kabatti we cannot trust this information.

      Vere name tho meeru and nenu kuda post cheyochhu 480lu 500 lu.. appudu mee 25 count inka peruguddi..

      Example ki.. ee Navnath ane person ni ht num post cheyyamante result tharvatha chesthadu ata.. result vachhinanka oka number list lonchi pick chesi post chesthdu.. ikkada janalu pichhollu kada mari..

      Don’t waste ur time by believing this shit .. prepare for interview.. 60% vachhina vallu antha in the race..

    3. sri

      so what u want to conclude?

      may be cream is here…………

      I know some Gr 2 officers ..they r saying cutoff would be for general between 400 to 410.

      But I feel it may be even lesser than that….lets see…

    4. vj

      hai am vjay z6 m oc my marks p1-81\144 p2-107\145 p3-117\147 p4-107\147
      total-412\583 any chance 9603730233

  67. Raj

    Good evening friends I get 350 marks belonging Sc, zone 5. Is not possible to get a interview. But all the best for interview those candidates got 400 marks in group 2

  68. vjay

    hai am vjay z6 m oc my marks
    total-412\583 any chance 9603730233

  69. vj

    hai am vjay z6 m oc my marks
    total-412\583 any chance 9603730233

  70. vj

    hai am vjay z6 m oc my marks p1-81\144 p2-107\145 p3-117\147 p4-107\147
    total-412\583 any chance 9603730233

  71. sridar

    Sridar 521 oc nlg
    Ramesh 498 bc b nlg
    Karthik 487 sc nlg
    Manjula 489 bc d nlg

  72. Vijay

    Tspsc group 2 Results eppudu, cut off marks entha undachu after final key…….

  73. Prashanth

    Hi frds how much cut off for BC d in 5th zone…i got 403/583 any chance for interview….


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