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Rs.1500 JIO Free Phone Reliance JIO 4G VoLTE Joint Mobile low Cost Smartphone @30$

By | August 23, 2017

Book Rs.1500 JIO Free Phone 

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Giant industrial firm which has created revolution in cellular world with its free JIO sim i.e Reliance has now come up with an extra ordinary idea. Previously a rumor has been wide spread about the low cost JIO LYF mobiles from Reliance it self at the range of 1000/- to 1500/-. Due to impossibilities to manufacture those mobiles with features of 4G and VoLTE made them to re think on this. So news are in cards that JIO has another idea about this innovative thought.

Reliance Rs.1500 JIO Free Phone @

Now the present on going topic is that Reliance JIO has tied up with Google in order to manufacture android mobiles which has extra ordinary features like 4G and VoLTE . Even Sundar Pichai has the idea of producing these type of phones which make even the rural areas digitally educated. Therefore we might expwct a great venture under this category  soon. So google can also apply its thoughts on non pixel and nexus phones.

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Why JIO is interested in manufacturing low cost 4G VoLTE mobiles?

Here is the reason while Reliance is trying to tie up with Google and manufacture the low cost android smart phone. As JIO users may decline with its cost bearing charges, Reliance want them not to leave tgeir services. So by offering them the mobiles which are compatible with JIO offers, they can reserve the people with their mobiles. Even Google can have a good market in India using his innovative thought. This can bring a huge pick up in JIO usage also.

What might be the cost of Rs.1500 JIO Free Phone joint venture mobile?

We have witnessed several low grade rumors like Freedom 251 which have ruined the expectations of many mobile lovers. But in order to maintain genuineness and also provide real mobiles at low cost, Google and JIO are shaking their hands with each other. Speaking about the cost and price of mobile, In order to manufacture a mobile with 4G technology along with VoLTE need some investment. By reducing the manufacture costs amd silicon valley costs, one can get the expected produc out. So we may expect this mobile at the price of 30$ which is roughly 2000 INR.

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Also google is helping out Reliance to manufacture smart Televisions with low cost and high technology end. This may be introduced with Android one technology. So let us wait for all the official news and declarations. We must surpass these rumors and tech lovers are praying them not be remained as rumors any more.
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